January 23, 2004

Equal Time?

Following up on that previous posting, the beer company that denies that its use of cute animals encourages kids to respond favorably to booze, is at it again this year:

Anheuser-Busch Cos., a perennial Super Bowl advertiser who brought us the talking frogs and the ``Whassssup?'' guys, is expected to introduce a donkey who wants to be a Clydesdale horse.

Doesn't that seem like a fitting metaphor for all the Democratic candidates this year?

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A Warning to the GOP?

Drunken elephants die in accident

According to the BBC, the elephants of Northeast India have a taste for rice beer:

A herd of about 20 to 25 elephants went on the rampage in a remote area in the West Garo Hills district earlier this week after getting high on the beer.

4 died of electrocution after knocking down a power line. Which is arguably a better outcome than in December 2002 when they killed 6 people.

And New York is hosting the Republican Convention this summer?

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January 22, 2004

The Unhinging of the Candidate 2004: Part 2

I think I've figured out Howard Dean's strategy based on that Monday night outburst. As Rod Serling used to say "Submitted for your approval".

1. Dean's statements on guns "And on gun control, for example, I do not believe in gun control…" Times of London, 18 December 2002 (pdf).

2. The ferocity of the attacks on him in Iowa: Dean under fire at Iowa Debate.

3. His general demeanor of channeling Howard Beale.

4. His wigged-out Iowa performance (RealPlayer Video).

Put it all together and it looks like a ploy to psych-out his debate opponents. Dean has put them on notice: "fear my inner psycho."

They're going to have to wonder "If I say something a little too tough, is this guy going postal?" "How good is the security at these events anyway? Did someone frisk him or run a metal detector over him" "What's that bulge up under his left arm?"

Gotta make them think.

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January 20, 2004

The Unhinging of the Candidate 2004

Excuse me, Governor Dean, is that spelled Yaaaaargurgle?

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Hey, What About East Dakota?

Dean seemed to blow a gasket last night. Definitely, this guy is right on the edge:

And you know something? You know something? Not only are we going to New Hampshire, we're going to South Carolina and Oklahoma and Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico! We're going to California and Texas and New York! And we're going to South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan! And then we're going to Washington, D.C.. To take back the White House!

We will not give up. We will not give up in New Hampshire. We will not give up in South Carolina. We will not give up in Arizona or New Mexico, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan! We will not quit now or ever! We want our country back for ordinary Americans. And we're going to win in Massachusetts! And North Carolina! And Missouri! And Arkansas! And Connecticut! And New York! And Ohio!

He seems to be wandering all over the damn place. At what point in that speech did he decide he had to try to name all states: Oh, yeah, and Samoa! And West Dakota and ... and ... North Arizona! And Alberta!

Drudge wins the headline war this time: Dean Goes Nuts!

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Space Alien Endorsements

Michael Moore weighs in. And I do mean he weighs in.

Oh, the humanity.

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January 19, 2004

Same Old Whine

Two quotes that caught my eye from Paris newspaper Liberation's report on that Mumbai conference:

«Nous devons reconquérir l'utopie», a affirmé le Brésilien Chico Whitaker, en se félicitant que le FSM ait déménagé en Asie, tandis que l'écrivaine indienne Arundhati Roy [...] fustigeait le «nouveau siècle américain. Nous devons nous considérer en situation de guerre», a-t-elle conclu.

Utopia. Yes, well, that worked out so well for the 20th Century. Chico Whitaker it turns out, is just another ultraleftist, a member of the Partido dos Trabalhadores of Brazil. If you're really interested, here's a description of PT from a detailed analysis of the World Social Forum.

Radical forces, particularly Trotskyists, played an important role inside the PT. They included the Brazilian section of the Fourth International, the current known as the Socialist Democracy Tendency (SDT).

So, same old wine in the same old bottles.

As to Roy, since she has so proudly set herself as an enemy of the United States, do you think they can set up a writer's wing at Gitmo? Works for me.

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Meanwhile, Back on Mars

The US isn't the only one having fun with Mars. Here's a photocomposite from the Mars Express, the European space probe. Very cool.

On the other hand, the Beagle may have landed, but it failed. Mystery solved. Get a look at this photo from the European Space Agency web site. Looks like a mad troll got inside. Wonder why the agency didn't spot this picture before launch.

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