August 21, 2003

It Walks By Night

Finally, a way to deal with the opus of Bill O'Reilly, Maureen Dowd, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Moore et al:

According to the preliminary plan, that means soaking the photos and clippings in the bleach and vinegar, shredding them, wrapping them in plastic and duct tape, and disposing of them at a location not yet chosen.

Seems the archives of the National Enquirer are too contaminated with anthrax and need to be destroyed.

They're forgetting to include the appropriate incantations, wolfsbane and the mandatory stake through the heart.

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August 20, 2003

Chretien Has [Not] Left the Building

Paul Jané is counting the nanoseconds until Jean Chretien leaves..

Johnny Christian keeps everyone in suspense about when he will vacate the premises. He's like an old bore at a party. You bring his coat, you start putting away the dishes, you yawn wildly – but he just won't leave. And he thinks everyone finds this amusing.

Jean, the longer you take to leave, the less anyone will miss you when you've gone.

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Isn't it time the New York Times got an intelligent, amusing columnist to write in the space currently wasted on Maureen Dowd?

Blithering Dowd on Sunday about the blackout:

This has got to be giving terrorists ideas as they watch from their caves. Osama may be plotting on his laptop right now, tapping into the cascading effect of an army of new terrorists signing up every time we kill or arrest a terrorist.

Dowd is just now waking up to the fact that there "may" be someone out there plotting against us. O----h? And you have been where these past two years, Moe?

And what is this lunatic aversion to arresting or killing terrorists? Does she really believe that ignoring them will make terrorists disappear? I stopped reading her long ago and it hasn't worked yet.

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August 19, 2003

3 for 3

Earlier, I realized that I am 3 for 3 on New York blackouts. The first was in 1965 when I was in high school in Croton-on-Hudson and was at home when the switch was flipped.

In 1977, I was at work (9pm or so) on 38th Street. My terminal died in the first surge and I had just reloaded the operating system (paper tape, no less) when the lights died. We left the building and hung out in a bar on Third Avenue where the owner was giving away his food. Later, we picked up blackout editions at the Daily News loading dock. Then some enterprising guys drove me home to Greenwich Village for 5 bucks. No looting in the Village, either.

This most recent one was just like a snow day (only without the dirty, slushy aftermath).

So not only have I been in all three blackouts, I haven't actually been inconvenienced by any of them. Now that's the kind of record I like!

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