June 06, 2002

Edward Tufte Seminars

Edward Tufte is holding his course Presenting Data and Information in New York this July (2002). I took it a few years back and it is worth the 320 bucks, particularly if you figure that you get $130 worth of Tufte books for the price. It is highly enjoyable and very thought-provoking.

His site is at www.edwardtufte.com, where you'll see such classics as Napoleon's March, which has to be one of the greatest informational graphics ever, visually describing, in multiple dimensions, the French attack on Moscow.

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June 05, 2002

Fonts: Elderkin

Elderkin Some very nice fonts from Process Type Foundry. To see what these are for: Jack Stauffacher had an exhibit at SFMOMA which shows examples like this and this.

Emigre 45 had an article, if I can find it somewhere.

His book Wooden Letters from 300 Broadway seems to be selling for $4500.

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Stunning Scanner Art

These remarkable images are not photographs in the conventional sense. Katinka Matson uses a CCD flatbed scanner. Well, see for yourself.

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