February 26, 2004

Lazy Quote of the Week

Hey, when I went to get that Wittgenstein quote (from the Tractatus), I rediscovered this line from Philosophical Investigations:

My aim is: to teach you to pass from a piece of disguised nonsense to something that is patent nonsense.

That's my new corporate motto! (Except of course for that teaching part. Best you should learn on your own.)

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The Zen of Ebay

Here's your chance to experience Satori through the wonders of internet commerce.

Nothing is being offered on ebay. Not just the ordinary nothing of that auction service, like Hummel figures, but Absolutely Nothing.

As of this moment, there are nine bidders and the value of nothing is $7.

One quibble I have is with the seller's insistence that the winner explain why he is buying nothing. That seems very un-Zenlike. As Wittgenstein said "Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen." "What we cannot speak about, we must pass over in silence."

Rather than bidding on Absolutely Nothing, I will be preparing my sale of Absolute Nothingness. I do need to consider whether that might lead to the disappearance of the Internet. And whether that might have any negative consequences.

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