February 16, 2004

Legal Diligent Mexican Workers

From the one hand not knowing department:

The New York Times Book Review has a review of David Shipler's new The Working Poor: Invisible in America:

In the chapter ''Harvest of Shame,'' he deftly shows how government crackdown on illegal immigrants creates ''migration within the migration,'' as an army of immigrant workers races from strict-enforcement states like Ohio to more lenient ones like North Carolina, and notes that ''when a migrant stops moving . . . he starts to enter America.''

But down at the bottom of the web page, the Google AdWords box helpfully contributes ads apparently triggered by the article. How about some "legal-diligent-mexican-workers"? Or just ship the work to Mexico directly!

Hey, Times readers know how hard it is to get good help these days (that don't get arrested for visa violations, anyway). Thanks for these suggestions!

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