February 09, 2004

States I've Visited

Too bad they didn't include provinces, especially since some of them are way bigger. Note, driving across Nebraska isn't recommended.

create your own visited states map

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Now for something completely frightening

Paul warns of exploding public loos in England, apparently as the result of an electrical failure. (Something Python-esque about this.)

Luckily, here in New York, we need only fret about being electrocuted while walking down the street. Last week, I kept running into Con Ed guys with probes slogging through the snow by the school where I work.

Seems they found something: some 280 dangerous manholes and lamp posts throughout the city, including one a block from our apartment and another two blocks from the school.

I have a feeling that if we actually had more public toilets in New York, Con Ed would ensure that they blew up every week.

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