January 23, 2004

Equal Time?

Following up on that previous posting, the beer company that denies that its use of cute animals encourages kids to respond favorably to booze, is at it again this year:

Anheuser-Busch Cos., a perennial Super Bowl advertiser who brought us the talking frogs and the ``Whassssup?'' guys, is expected to introduce a donkey who wants to be a Clydesdale horse.

Doesn't that seem like a fitting metaphor for all the Democratic candidates this year?

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A Warning to the GOP?

Drunken elephants die in accident

According to the BBC, the elephants of Northeast India have a taste for rice beer:

A herd of about 20 to 25 elephants went on the rampage in a remote area in the West Garo Hills district earlier this week after getting high on the beer.

4 died of electrocution after knocking down a power line. Which is arguably a better outcome than in December 2002 when they killed 6 people.

And New York is hosting the Republican Convention this summer?

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