January 22, 2004

The Unhinging of the Candidate 2004: Part 2

I think I've figured out Howard Dean's strategy based on that Monday night outburst. As Rod Serling used to say "Submitted for your approval".

1. Dean's statements on guns "And on gun control, for example, I do not believe in gun control…" Times of London, 18 December 2002 (pdf).

2. The ferocity of the attacks on him in Iowa: Dean under fire at Iowa Debate.

3. His general demeanor of channeling Howard Beale.

4. His wigged-out Iowa performance (RealPlayer Video).

Put it all together and it looks like a ploy to psych-out his debate opponents. Dean has put them on notice: "fear my inner psycho."

They're going to have to wonder "If I say something a little too tough, is this guy going postal?" "How good is the security at these events anyway? Did someone frisk him or run a metal detector over him" "What's that bulge up under his left arm?"

Gotta make them think.

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