January 19, 2004

Same Old Whine

Two quotes that caught my eye from Paris newspaper Liberation's report on that Mumbai conference:

«Nous devons reconquérir l'utopie», a affirmé le Brésilien Chico Whitaker, en se félicitant que le FSM ait déménagé en Asie, tandis que l'écrivaine indienne Arundhati Roy [...] fustigeait le «nouveau siècle américain. Nous devons nous considérer en situation de guerre», a-t-elle conclu.

Utopia. Yes, well, that worked out so well for the 20th Century. Chico Whitaker it turns out, is just another ultraleftist, a member of the Partido dos Trabalhadores of Brazil. If you're really interested, here's a description of PT from a detailed analysis of the World Social Forum.

Radical forces, particularly Trotskyists, played an important role inside the PT. They included the Brazilian section of the Fourth International, the current known as the Socialist Democracy Tendency (SDT).

So, same old wine in the same old bottles.

As to Roy, since she has so proudly set herself as an enemy of the United States, do you think they can set up a writer's wing at Gitmo? Works for me.

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Meanwhile, Back on Mars

The US isn't the only one having fun with Mars. Here's a photocomposite from the Mars Express, the European space probe. Very cool.

On the other hand, the Beagle may have landed, but it failed. Mystery solved. Get a look at this photo from the European Space Agency web site. Looks like a mad troll got inside. Wonder why the agency didn't spot this picture before launch.

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