January 06, 2004

Tartan Tough

Here's the obit for Ben Coutts, a highlander who died in December at 87.

Severely injured at Tobruk, his hospital ship was bombed. After a year in hospital in Egypt, he was sent home on the liner Laconia. He survived the torpedoeing of that ship (in which 2000 died). After 5 days on a liferaft, he was taken onboard a Vichy French ship and interned at Casablanca.

Later, while being transferred to France, the French ship he was then on was itself torpedoed. Luckily, that ship had strayed into an Allied armada who saved him and sent him to England.

Coutts went on to have his face rebuilt, became a radio broadcaster, wrote 5 books, married twice and got an MBE.

The Scotsman further notes that Coutts managed to escape from the Laconia onto a raft with two bottles of Johnnie Walker from the ship's bar.

Now, that's a highlander.

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The Real "L" Word

At least some of my fellow Democrats aren't afraid of the "L" word anymore. I mean the other "L" word, of course.

Dean Endorsers:

Bill Bradley. Loser. (Lost to Al Gore in the 2000 primaries.)

George McGovern. Loser. (Lost to Richard Nixon in the 1972 election.)

Al Gore. Loser. (Perhaps the biggest loser of all time.)

Do we detect a pattern here?

Oh yes, and Jimmy Carter half-endorsed Dean. Half-Loser. (Won one in 1976, lost one to Reagan in 1980.)

Dean looks like a shoo-in with the Losers vote.

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Flashbacks to my misspent youth

I worked briefly for George McGovern in Westchester in 1972, although I never inhaled.

This comment in the Sunday Times has got to be a plant from one of Dean's rivals:

McGovern recently said that he is a big fan of Howard Dean, whose campaign reminds him very much of his own.

Cool. We all remember what a good job President McGovern did, don't we?

Remember: Don't Drink the Kool-Aid!

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