April 28, 2003

John Berger: Not Dead Yet

It's nice to know that John Berger is not dead, just brain-dead.

It is beyond me why The Nation would waste its paper and ink on such landfill as this.

Can anyone tell me what the hell this means?

Married as they are to fear, they cannot come to terms with, or find a place for, death. Fear keeps death out, and so the dead desert them. And people deserted by the dead lose any sense of continuity. The past becomes obsolete and the future frenetic and short-term. The present is reduced to a sequence of instants, unrelated to the experience of past and future lives. Those deserted by the dead find themselves alone on the planet. Married to fear, deserted by the dead, they still wield incomparable power, both economic and military, and are terrifyingly dangerous. But, in the long run, can their power survive? Ask the dead and the not-yet-born. I doubt it.

Oh well, Ways of Seeing was a pretty good book for it's time, but Berger's kindergarten Marxism got old long before this.

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Italians require Pantone intervention

Seems that some Italians are seeing red (and green) about a subtle shift in the colors of their flag. They are accusing Silvio Berlusconi of tampering with the shades, darkening the green and red and making the white ivory.

"It's a veritable chromatic coup d'etat," said Green Party president Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio. The party is so angry it wants a national referendum to allow the public to choose the right shades.

Given that Berlusconi was a publisher in his earlier life, I would be surprised if he didn't muck with the colors, it's bred in the bone. As a designer, though, I shudder at the opening of design decisions to a committee as large as a country. Looks like an opportunity for civil war.

Meanwhile, Serbia and Montenegro (the last remaining components of the rump Yugoslavia) are at knife point over their respective flags.

Looks like the UN could do more for world peace if it parachuted elite art director troops into these countries packing some serious Pantone chips and the will to use them.

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