April 27, 2003

Talk about "Heavenly Coffee"

Generally I steer clear of religion, but this item was too good to pass up: The pope has beatified the "father of cappucino."

Marco d'Aviano, a wandering preacher for the Capuchin monastic order, is credited with rallying Catholics and Protestants on the eve of the Battle of Vienna in 1683, which was crucial to halting the advance of Turkish soldiers into Europe.

He is also remembered by some as the man who, by legend, inspired the fashionable cappuccino coffee now drunk by millions across the globe.

The monk, who was born in the city of his name in northern Italy in 1631, was sent by the pope of the day to unite Christians in the face of a huge Ottoman army.

Legend has it that, following the victory, the Viennese reportedly found sacks of coffee abandoned by the enemy and, finding it too strong for their taste, diluted it with cream and honey.

The drink being of a brown colour like that of the Capuchins' robes, the Viennese named it cappuccino in honour of Marco D'Aviano's order.

The BBC also notes out that the Catholic Church once considered coffee an "infidel drink."

More big "saint" news: the pope also beatified Giacomo Alberione, who will certainly someday become the Patron Saint of Mass Media. Sorry, Marshall McLuhan.

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