April 17, 2003

method packaging

Some categories just cry out for redesign. Household cleaning products seem so locked into the Ajax/Comet/Mr. Clean, 1960's era, that it is refreshing to see an alternative.

Target Stores are selling dish detergent from method. It come in innovative, opening-on-the-bottom bottles designed by Karim Rashid.

Very nice graphics and bottles. I love the shape of the teardrop, but the dumbbell shape is more ergonomic with wet hands.

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Paul Jané is my source for all things Kim Jong Il-ian. Today he posts a number of amusing DPRK news items . One in particular caught my eye (besides that Phil met Ha):

Pyongyang, March 21 (KCNA) -- A visiting group of the "Love-Neighbor Society" of South Korea led by its chairman Ri Il Ha arrived here today. They were greeted at the airport by Ho Hyok Phil, vice-chairman of the National Reconciliation Council, and officials concerned with compatriotic feelings.

I tried to start one of those societies, but my wife found out. Badaboom.

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