April 16, 2003


Recently, Über-retailer IKEA launched its unböring marketing campaign. In doing so, it joined myriad ice cream manufacturers and hard rock bands in obeying the urge to umlaut.

Just published in a design/marketing publication The Ethical Huckster, a thorough history of the umlaut. You'll laugh, you'll cry ... Well, maybe not. But you'll find 2700 of my words on an orthographical mark.

Here's the original in pdf format.

By the way, The Ethical Huckster is an excellent journal of marketing published by CHMajor Design. If you ask nicely (or flash enough cash), you might get on the mailing list. Tell him I sent you.

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Honda as Art

Cars swooping over oceanfront landscapes, speeding across dry lake beds. Nah. This Honda commercial from the UK is moving in a different way.

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