March 17, 2003

Ecstasy and Depression

Club drug ecstasy has been linked to depression, according to researchers at a London University.

According to the researcher, even a half tablet led to a depressed condition. But you can get to some very serious depression with larger amounts.

...She suggested the results tied into previous studies which have indicated that ecstasy can affect key brain chemicals.

"There is a lot of data in animals showing that ecstasy damages the neurotransmitter for serotonin, which is known to be involved in depression."

Serotonin also plays an important role in regulating memory and behaviour. The researchers are now looking to see if these are also impaired on people who take ecstasy.

Next up I guess: Ecstasy and Prozac cocktails.

Updated: Removed the reference to the number of ecstasy pills. Pointed out by Bill Stewart in comments. Checked original and BBC had removed the reference to the number in the article.

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