March 12, 2003

New Definitions

From The Concordian, newspaper of Concordia University Montreal, scene of several recent anti-semitic, pro-Palestinian incidents:

The motion calls for a joint inquiry by the CSU and Concordia administration into what Cormier called "institutionalised racism at Concordia." According to Cormier, there have been several unanswered incidents of racism on university bodies, particularly at the Board of Governors. According to Cormier, Sobia Virk, a Muslim student governor, had asked that alcohol not be served during a meeting since it would go against her religious beliefs. Board members brushed off the request, said Cormier, telling Virk she should act "more Canadian."

I'm not sure which I find more puzzling:

A) that racism is redefined as failing to suppress any cultural practice (even as benign as drinking beer or wine) that could conceivably conflict with someone else's personal beliefs.

B) That they actually serve alcohol at Board of Governors meetings. They sure didn't when I was on the McGill University Senate in 1970.

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