May 21, 2002

InDesign 2.0 replaces Quark

I have had the usual love/hate relationship with Quark Xpress over the years. It has certainly been bread and butter for me in most situations. When InDesign first came out, I saw no reason to switch. Partly inertia, partly just lack of interest. But WOW, InDesign 2.0 blows Quark away. Here's the review from MacAddict Magazine.

I was given a low-budget typesetting job for a magazine last week. Mostly complex tables. After many hours of struggling with Quark and Tableworks, I hit my frustration limit. I was desperate for my old Mergenthaler type terminal. (c. 1980)

Rather than abandoning the job and the client, I switched to InDesign. Within fifteen minutes, I was comfortable with the interface. The secret is: it's very similar to Quark, with a whole bunch of typographic niceties tossed in. In fact, the interface mixes Quark, Photoshop and Illustrator, with a little bit of Corel Draw tossed in (don't ask).

The best part: I was able to recreate the 5 pages from scratch in 4 hours and ship it. It even created the PDF file inside the application!

The client (a production house) is somewhat leery of using the app, given it's installed base of Quark expertise. But they are coming around.

I spoke to a Quark 5.0 user a few minutes ago. He is very frustrated. Quark is not OS X native, so it runs in Classic mode on his new G4. Quark notoriously takes 3 years to introduce upgrades, and many months to fix bugs. He says the underground word is that Quark is in some serious trouble.

Based on the evidence, I think that Quark is about to cede the high-end typographic market to Adobe.

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