February 10, 2004

Rockall Dependence Day

Today, Scotland celebrates the day in 1972 when the island of Rockall gave up its billions of years of independence to join the empire.

The 83 foot long, 100 foot wide, six-story chunk of rock unanimously petitioned to be politically united with Scotland — 300 miles to the west (at 57°35'48"N 13°41'19"W to be precise). Well, at least there didn't seem to be much opposition among the inhabitants to the annexation by the UK.

An amusing history of Rockall can be found on the, er, official website of the island, a labor of love by at least one very busy satirist.

Here's a hilarious photo of British marines sent to stand guard over the island as part of establishing the claim. No tent, no supplies, just the sentry box:

So let's see: rocky, windswept, barren, virtually uninhabitable, covered in guano... there has to be a metaphor in there somewhere.

p.s. It's all about oil. (And haddock.)

Posted by campbell at February 10, 2004 12:56 PM | TrackBack

LOL, is this for real?

Posted by: Paul Jané at February 11, 2004 04:09 PM

Yes, Paul. It is real. Denmark is quite upset and feel they should be able to draw the 50 mile circle around this rock and get all the oil drilling and fishing rights. Greenpeace tried to claim the rock by putting some guys on it for a month. Now that has to be a truly mind-numbing job!

Posted by: Bruce Campbell at February 11, 2004 05:10 PM