January 17, 2004

Why France Can't Deal With Terrorism

At the risk of leading people to think I dislike the French (more below), I couldn't pass on this comment to point out why the French never can be trusted to take a responsible role in world affairs (quite apart from their outright support and promotion of Saddam Hussein).

Here's French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie giving the French vision on dealing with terrorism:

Outlining the views of France, she said while terrorism is a great threat, its causes must be addressed, which she identified as "the sense of frustration in the face of injustice and poverty."

Mon Dieu.

{As to my views on the French, I actually like the French and French lifestyle, love France and Paris, and even read and speak French moderately badly. In fact, my paternal grandmother was French (from Brittany to be precise). It's just that their internal politics, their international machinations and their intellectual life are thoroughly bankrupt. So I don't dislike them at all, I just enjoy bashing their pretensions. Each to his own taste.)

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