January 09, 2004

Harkin Joins Losers for Dean

Wow. Will nothing stop this parade of political losers?

All we need now is for Bob Dole to switch parties.

"... one candidate rose to the top as our best shot to beat George W. Bush and to give Americans the opportunity to take our country back," Harkin told supporters in Des Moines, Iowa.

Of course, that's what he said in '92 about his own stellar candidacy to unseat Bush 41. You have to admire his political instincts.

Note: Dean hailed Harkin's decision, referring to the Iowan as a "street fighter." What I think he means is that Harkin is the same kind of nasty piece campaigner as Dean. According to this media analysis of press coverage in the '92 campaign: "Harkin faced criticism in February that he was a negative campaigner." The Ottumwa Courier noted during Harkin's last Senate campaign (while endorsing his Republican opponent): "Now that negative campaigning is a dirty word with voters, Harkin has done himself a disservice by launching his negative pre-emptive strike on Ganske.  Negative attacks have been a staple of Harkin's campaigns and mars his ability to highlight his positive initiatives."

So if Dean values street-fighting, it's no wonder all the Republicans want Dean to get the nomination. They know his big mouth and his nasty nature will lead to his meltdown by October.

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