November 14, 2003

Canadian Lawyers Take the Piss is a website devoted to, well, urinals. Photos of urinals from around the world quite interesting and entertaining, actually. But not to the lawyers at Toronto Airport, apparently, who dispatched this pissy demand to the webmasters:

Subject: Removal of Toronto Pearson International Airport

The GTAA [Greater Toronto Airports Authority] would like to request that you remove Toronto Pearson International Airport from the title of the page below, including the removal of Toronto Lester B. Pearson International Airport from within the page. [See edited page.] If you choose to keep the photos, we just request that you remove the text below in red. We appreciate your cooperation. We will check back in a week to ensure that this information has been removed. If at that time it has not, we will forward it to the Legal department for subsequent action.

But according to the Toronto Star this week, IATA, the International Air Transport Authority, "concluded the airport will see a 34 per cent drop in airport staff productivity, a 22 per cent drop in aircraft handling efficiency and a 19 per cent drop in passenger handling efficiency."

Pretty dismal stats, indeed. And the GTAA is raising rates to airlines to cover for the airport's boondoggles.

But GTAA has got lawyers and time and money to harass harmless websites. Looks like Toronto Airport prefers to spare the urinals and urinate directly on the taxpayers.

[Thanks to Mike at for the tip.]

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