October 16, 2003

Putting the Weenie Back in Halloween

The Kucinich campaign continues to delight with its absurdity. The latest comic twist: suggestions for Kucinich Halloween House Parties, complete with cut-out Dennis mask:

Here's a fun house party theme - Have a Kucinich Halloween Party! [...] Ask all your guests to come dressed as Dennis John Kucinich. [...] Here's a mask you can print out

Maybe you'd like to wear your Kucinich mask while you take your kids out trick-or-treating.

Maybe you can go door to door with your Kucinich Mask on, registering voters or canvassing for Kucinich: "Hi, I'm Dennis Kucinich. Would you like to get rid of the frightening HMOs, terrifying NAFTA, and spooky war profiteers? Would you like universal preschool? Would you like to help me send President Bush back to Texas -- Hasn't he been haunting the White House long enough? Join my campaign. This is no trick.

Wow. As Count Floyd (Joe Flaherty) used to say on SCTV*: "OOOH. Scary stuff. Very scary."

Imagine what this could look like:

Guaranteed to ruin Halloween faster than razor blades in apples.

*gratuitous Canadian content to fulfill CRTC requirements.

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