September 02, 2003

Body Politic Fluids

So, they removed the Ten Commandments statue from the Alabama Courthouse. The Constitution has been spared. The Union remains strong. I can sleep soundly at night. Praise the Lord! Oops, sorry. Wrong cheer.

I enjoy a thoroughly pointless dust-up as much as anyone, but it did seem to me that Judge Roy Moore went about this thing the wrong way. Now, if he had placed elephant feces [Chris Ofili The Holy Virgin Mary] on the Commandments, or maybe suspended them in urine [Andres Serrano Piss Christ]...

Then he would have had battalions of National Public Radio listeners throwing their bodies in front of the statue and screaming to their congressmen to make sure THEIR constitutional rights were protected.

Instead, we just get to witness another "My Amendment can beat up Your Amendment", nyah-nyah, contest.

As a practicing atheist myself, I suspect that some in the more hallowed NPR precincts believe that the Constitution guarantees us "Freedom FROM Religion".

We can only hope that there is an outcry against some NEA-sponsored art show soon so the judge can cite the removal of this artwork (tedious as it was) as precedent.

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