July 29, 2003

Welcome to the 21st Century, Kids!

Signs of the zeitgeist: the Playmobil HazMat Team.

Priceless description on the website:

Oh, no! Hazardous waste has seeped out of a barrel and onto the village sidewalk! No need to worry, the Hazmat Crew has arrived. The street is secured with a road warning sign and the Crew begins clean up with their powerful vacuums. Dressed in protective uniforms and armed with hazardous material equipment this sidewalk will be free of this hazardous substance in no time.

Notice: This set doesn't come with actual hazardous waste! Kids will have to supply their own.

Saw this on Brian Floca's desk. Thanks, Brian.

P.S. Check out the arms trader. Another warm and fuzzy feature of modern life.

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