July 15, 2003

The Greatest Sports Event on the Planet™

Paul thinks I'm being particularly lazy about blogging. He's right, Laziness is Its Own Reward. That's why this is the Snoofmadrune blog.

Mostly, I have been writing an article and watching The Greatest Sports Event on the Planet™: The Tour de France. So the rest of this post will be about that.

Once upon a time, I could only read about the Tour, but a couple of years back we switched cable providers and I discovered Outdoor Life Network which broadcasts great whacking chunks of the Tour Live in the morning with endless repeats in the evening.

This coverage seems to have become very popular, given that a couple of years back there were only three ads (literally) that were repeated endlessly during the coverage. (You have never experienced Hell until you have seen the same Mercury commercial 10 times a night for 3 weeks.) Now they have lots of premium advertisers, the coverage is bigger and the whole thing seems much less low-rent than before.

Much of the quality of the show is attributable to Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen, two commentators who actually manage to explain everything. Let's face it, there are vast stretches of a 3 week bicycle race where nothing much is happening. These two Brits keep the interest level high throughout. Liggett is scary sometimes. Yesterday he seemed almost to predict the Beloki fall 15 seconds before it happened.

Anyway, this has been a fabulous Tour. First, it's the Centenary celebration and the crowds are immense. Also the French seem to be powering in the money with much better camerawork along the route. France is a beautiful place and they're making it look even better.

Second, it has been extremely high drama. After only a week, there's been more excitement than in an entire baseball season. Most people only hear snatches of Lance's story, but the real hero for me has been Tyler Hamilton, riding since Stage 1 with a broken collarbone and keeping on Armstrong's wheel more than when he was Lance's domestique.

Then there's Joseba Beloki. Before he fell yesterday, it looked like he was on track to really challenge for the overall win this year after being second and third way too often. We're all pretty upset that he's hurt and out.

Vive les Aussies! Bradley McGee is blogging from the Tour much more than in previous years. Worth reading, especially since he's been in yellow this year and his mate Baden Cooke is in green and trying to stay there. There are other bloggers as well on the cyclingnews.com site, but Brad's the best.

I'm going to be missing the middle part of the Tour unless they have OLN in Toronto, so I may miss the Pyrenees. Damn. It's like missing Game 7 of the World Series. This is going to be a tight year, even without Beloki.

If you don't get OLN, I recommend you listen to the live feed from their website (starting around 9am Eastern). With that and the live updates at cyclingnews.com, it's nearly as good as watching.

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