May 30, 2003

Oh, the Humanity!

First SARS, then BSE, now this...

Will Canada never be free from disasters?

Miss Canada showed up at the Miss Universe pageant in this over-the-top costume that is said to represent the Canadian penny ($0.0073 US, 0.0062 EUR), although the last I looked the penny wasn't covered in peacock feathers. Not to mention that peacocks are not indigenous to Canada.

Some commented that the costume could have been a touch more "revealing" [insert usual smutty reference to actual national animal here]:

"Jeanne Beker, the host of Fashion Television, said Canada's costume was 'absolutely frightening.' ... The maple leaf mask should be sent to Jean Chrétien so he can wear it next time he visits the United States, she added." Now, that's a frightening idea.

Thanks to Paul Jané for this item.

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