May 27, 2003

The Celts Had a Word for it

Stumbled across a delightful site where the author has helpfully assembled a massive list of English words borrowed from other languages.
Many languages, from the obvious (French) to the obscure (Kimbundu of Northern Angola: banjo).

Favorite of this batch: Tory meaning outlaw.

banshee (woman of the fairy mound), bard, blarney, bog (soft), bother, brat, brisk, brogue, caddy, cairn, clan, claymore, crag, dour, dune (heap), gab, galore, gob, glamour, glen, golf, hooligan, keen, Kent (English county -white), lashings (abundance), leprechaun, loch, moniker, pet, phoney, pillion (cushion), pony, puck, shamrock, shanty, slob, slogan, smashing, smidgen, smithereens, sporran, spunk, Strontium, swap, Tory (outlaw), trousers, twig (understand), whiskey

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