May 07, 2003


On the streets of Manhattan, there are thousands of plastic boxes that contain free newspapers and brochures. Recently, someone began leaving cryptic messages in some of them.

They look like small bits of an artist's sketchbook, but they are covered with complex symbols and formula — like a logician's notes. They have been made as though torn or cut from a notebook, although they are also obviously photocopies. As I look at the page, words and phrases start to form through the odd punctuation, but a coherent sense never gels. Here's a small example, about 1/2 inch worth on a page covered in similar phrases:

The ramblings of a demented metaphysician seeking to proselytize his theories? An artist's stunt? A clever advertising gimmick by some movie company looking to promote an upcoming apocalyptic film about a paranoid madman? A combination of the above?

Anyway, there was something very intriguing about a number of the glyphs, so I decided to set the one above in type:

Wow! Not bad at all. I'd say this qualifies as the logo for THE FUTURE.

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