May 03, 2003

More on Haag-Drugulin

werkstätten und museum für druckkunst leipzig, Workshops and Museum for the Arts of Printing Leipzig has an elegant website with English and German versions. The Museum and the type foundry seem to be the labor of love of Eckehart SchumacherGebler, described on the site as "Master compositor and printer and a real hunter-gatherer."

There are some gems in their collection.

Among the oldest is a font of matrices by the famous punch cutter Jakob Sabon of 1572, as well as an original cutting of an Old Schwabacher from the well-known type foundry of Johann Christoph Zanker in Nuremberg, Frankonia, which likewise stems from the middle of the 16th century.

Anyone want to fund a type excursion? We could take in the bauhaus in Dessau at the same time.

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