May 03, 2003

More on Canada and Weapons of Intense Bureaucracy

Now US Ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci has weighed in with more warnings on marijuana legalization.

"If the perception is it might be more easy to get marijuana here, then that could lead to some pressure on the border because U.S. Customs immigration officers . . . would have their antennae up."

May I make some suggestions?

1) US Customs should open special express lanes for marijuana smokers. That would allow the rest of us to get down to the business of answering the dumb questions about "visiting a farm" or "shaking hands with anyone in Toronto."
2) If you're holding when you get to the border, ask the Customs Official to hold your stash until you leave the country. They are usually more than willing to oblige for our Canadian friends.

While he understands the concerns of the American administration, Mr. [Justice Minister Martin "the Pothead"] Cauchon said Canada is a sovereign country that enacts its own laws.

Why do US officials constantly need to be told this? Do you think their pot-smoking has affected their memory?

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