April 29, 2003

The Slo-o-o-o-w Creep of Fascism

Henry Norr, tech writer, was suspended and then fired by the San Francisco Chronicle after being arrested in an antiwar protest. Fascist suppression of dissent or innocent labor dispute? I'll let you conspiracy nuts sort that one out.

Norr himself apparently feels that the real reason was... Well, it was the usual reason. You know, the Jewish conspiracy. According to an interview on the loonatarian web site, Indymedia, Norr published an article last July that was too pro-Palestinian. Gee, 10 months before they figured out a way to get rid of him. I guess when fascism comes to America, it will creep in on little cat feet, with the slow oozing of a Canadian royal commission.

Lizard of AskMrLizard was pondering how a technology writer could get too political:

Capitalist pig William Gates today released a new version of the Windows Operating System, continuing to enrich his bloated, parasitic empire while billions starve in the street.

The new interface is workable, but fails to express the isolation and disempowerment of the oppressed office workers who will use it.

The new 'helper' characters for Word include the usual assortment of anthropomorphized animals, contributing to the humanocentric worldview which pervades decadent Western culture. Also, it didn't work with my graphics card.

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