April 26, 2003

Cheating Death Yet Again

Yes, it's true. My family and I have once again cheated death, this time by visiting Toronto in the hysterical epidemic of SARS, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

Every day that we visited my mother-in-law at her residence, the concierge stuck an electronic thermometer in our ears and made us fill in a questionnaire (admittedly it is a facility for older adults). We competed for the high/low, but I always lost (way too moderate, me).

The city was remarkably subdued, even for Toronto; except for the papers and TV news, which were foaming at the mouth. On the day I left, the WHO issued its travel advisory. Some in TO feel this was a sneaky attempt to strike a racial/ethnic/geographic balance since it wasn't yet another Asian city being smacked, but a solidly Western city this time. Ah well, Canada likes to tout itself as a solid member of the world community. So I guess that means it gives itself over freely to other's whims and agendas. There's a political message there I'm sure.

Basia was worried Friday when she flew back by reports that people were being turned away from travelling to the US. These turned out to be only rumors but it indicates the level of panic many are feeling.

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