April 14, 2003

Kucinich wants a DOPe in the White House

Got this in an e-mail from Dennis Kucinich. Seems he wants a DOPe in the White House, and I don't just mean him.

They're running a DOPe campaign:

Today, we redoubled our efforts to promote peace at the national level. Forty-seven of my fellow Members of Congress and I introduced H.R. 2459, a bill to establish the Department of Peace at the Cabinet level. The Members of Congress who joined with me were: [trimmed out list of usual suspects -ed].

Please read more about our bill here: www.dopcampaign.org/read_bill.htm.

The co-sponsors and I encourage you to get involved in this campaign. The Department of Peace website offers you ways to do this. We have found that just talking about the Department of Peace with your friends and family is an excellent and effective way to introduce a discussion on the issue of peace.

I can see it now, uniformed volunteers fanning out across the world, singing Kumbiya... I'm getting all misty.

Posted by campbell at April 14, 2003 04:03 PM | TrackBack

Found your site from Paul Jane's site...and about died when I read this post.

This is a dumb idea.

I can't elaborate any further.

There's really nothing to say.

Except for the things I said on my site.

But still. A dumb idea.

Posted by: J Neidlinger at April 14, 2003 10:22 PM

What would Orwell think..?

Posted by: Paulineee at April 15, 2003 12:02 PM