April 12, 2003

al-Sahhaf Jokes Losing Steam

I guess the absence of true creativity in the Press shows in how quickly they have worn out the joke of Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf. Almost all of them have him being hired for some one or another political or entertainment figure: George Steinbrenner, George Pataki, Harvey Weinstein, etc.

Stop. Please stop. In the name of all that is funny...

But before it stops, I wanted to pass along this Canadian version, from Mark Steyn in the National Post:

It's surely only a matter of time before he's hired as Chrétien's press officer. "These are all lies that the Americans are annoyed with Canada! The whole world knows Washington is terrified of our great leader and quakes before his heroic display of principles and sovereignty! America is our best friend and neighbour and if they dare say otherwise we will crush them like the Zionist tools they are! The 49th parallel is littered with the burnt-out shells of their tanks, those bastards!"

Sorry. couldn't resist.

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I love it!

Posted by: Paulineee at April 13, 2003 10:57 AM