April 12, 2003

Weasel Poutine

While cruising a batch of articles at Le Monde, I happened to notice for the first time (since I don't look for Russian news in French papers) that President Putin of Russia is actually referred to in France as le président Poutine.

Well, now that is amusing, at least to a sometime Montrealer. Poutine is a popular snack food in Quebec. It consists of french fries covered with cheese curds and gravy (chicken or undefinable).

So, this weekend the three pillars of the Security Council weasels are meeting to decide the future of Iraq (in their dreams). Like the three pillars of the poutine. I can't sort out if Chirac is the cheese, Putin the fries and Schroeder the gravy, or some other metaphor. Whatever, they're still just a snack aspiring to be a meal.

There's more on the history and transcendant nature of poutine at Kuro5hin. And there's a quite promising, haute cuisine recipe available at the FoodTV Canada web site. Most poutine is way more plebeian than this.

Political commentary and cooking tips in one posting.

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