April 05, 2003

Montreal Gazette: Compassing the Zeitgeist

Mike Boone of the Montreal Gazette captures a bit of the zeitgeist in "I haven't left the Left (have I?), which also mentions Snoofmadrune (and deftly captures a bit of the snoof philosophy). He seized on the chance I offered to take his own political pulse and see if he had gone over to the Dark Side.

I was particularly keen because I'm going through an unsettling political metamorphosis. My support for the invasion of Iraq makes me a pariah among my left-wing friends, some of whom do not own country houses.

It's difficult, over lattés, to make the case for pre-emptive war. But armed intervention might have saved European Jewry. And Rwandan Tutsis. And Bosnian Muslims. Not to mention Iraqi Kurds and Shiites.

Untroubled by being out of step with French foreign policy, I still feel I'm somehow dishonouring the memory of my grandparents, who repose not far from Fred Rose, the only communist ever elected to the House of Commons.

As I find myself uncomfortably "embedded" with the likes of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, those unrepentant Marxists are spinning in their graves. It's like a political werewolf movie: I'm agreeing with neo-con Charles Krauthammer (another former Dailyite) and waiting for tufts of hair to spring out of my ears.

Are you a commie rat? A fascist pig? A fence-sitting capon? Take The Political Compass test at www.politicalcompass.org

Because of the survey I am running with my Kameraden, I must defer publishing my results.

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