April 01, 2003


Okay. Okay. This whole war thing is getting way way too hot for me.

Deep Breath.

I really should be getting back to work, but I wanted to take 15 minutes to tell about my day. There is a point, so bear with me for a bit.

As I waited for the elevator this morning, a little head popped out down the hall. It was my newly-moved-in little 3 year old neighbor.

"I can't get back in my house." Standing by him was his 2 year-old sister, sucking her thumb. Apparently they had come out in the hall to play and the apartment door had closed and locked behind them. They were so adorable and worried and since they come up to the knees of my hulking babies, my heart started melting right away.

"Where's your mommy?" "She's asleep." "OK. Well I'll fix that!" And I did. A moment later a completely disoriented mom in her pyjamas was rescuing her ducklings.

Then I got on the subway. Sitting across from where I stood was a man, probably Haitian, sitting with his 3 year old son on his lap. As we rode down to Times Square, I caught snatches of their conversation. When we got to 50th street, the man was intoning "Cinquante", teaching his son something about numbers. Then as we approached the next station, he said "Circle" and just as the doors opened for me to leave: "Trapezoid".

That did it. God I love this city. I know that Dennis Hammill and Jimmy Breslin are lurking in the subway somewhere testing our mood and telling us how we live and travel in fear and anxiety.

But I see life and kids and teaching kids and our aspirations for them. And hope. In our subways ... and in Baghdad.

If you're going to fill your heart with something, it's way better to fill with it hope than dread.

Just thought you should know what I'm thinking on the first day of April in the greatest city on Earth.


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